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Oh my gosh, it’s like watching them unfold. Once we have all the information, the writing process is a joy for us. We get to describe their journey from the day they met to the day they marry. The story is a creative non-fiction; we are witty and descriptive, sometimes poetic but never soppy. We genuinely have fun writing each chapter, telling their date stories, proposal story, putting it all in there for their descendants to read. We also profile the fashions, trends and suburb they live in and write a history of the venues they choose (especially great if they have heritage) which is always an interesting learning experience for us.


Our team comprises of journalists, feature writers and academics. We’re trained to ask the right questions to get the full story. We’re experienced in scene writing (we’re all published travel writers) so we know how to hook the reader in with entertaining anecdotes and lead into each chapter with great “people and place” descriptions. We know how to “show” not “tell” the story. That level of writing skill puts the reader in the picture and keeps them engaged until the very last page. Stories are researched and written for longevity – that is, we hope your kids, nieces, nephews, cousins, and all your descendants read it and marvel at the world you lived in.


There are five steps to creating the Love Tales wedding storybook:

1. Collecting Information – Through an initial 15-minute phone call to one or both of you, we gather details about you and your wedding plans.

2. The pre-wedding interview – We meet somewhere quiet and talk all things meeting-and-falling-in-love.

3. Secret Questions – What’s a wedding without a few surprises? We’ll reveal our secret questions to you sometime after the pre-wedding interview and before your wedding day.

4. Collaborating on vows (optional and complimentary in our “special Launch Offer”) – We’re ever so happy to talk vows with you. There’s a big difference between thinking about, and then verbalising, your heartfelt feelings. We’ll help you find the right words.

5. The wedding day

(a) The ceremony – Depending on the size of your wedding, we’ll have one or more writers there to record the occasion. They are discreet and you won’t even know they’re there. What they see, they write about. What they hear, they write about. What they smell and touch, they write about. The rustle of her dress, the mood in the room, the whispers of the page boys; it’s all written down and will form an important chapter in your book. Your writer will record and transcribe the entire ceremony.

(b) The reception – As at the ceremony, your dedicated writer will transcribe all the action, from the moment you arrive to the reception until the formalities have ended. The venue description forms a large part of the introduction to this chapter. We like to set the scene with creative imageries and a fun tone. Here, our writers turn roving reporters as the party kicks into gear. The speeches, menus and guest lists are also recorded in your book.

We then get busy writing!


Luxurious and elegant. They’re the size and shape of a romance novel but covered in beautiful Italian linen (so soft, we enjoy watching our couples patting the books when they receive them!) The books are artisan made by Melbourne’s leading bindery, Ort. They look great on the coffee table, in easy reach to flick through the memories any time you like.


We try to send the draft* of their manuscript while they are honeymooning so they have plenty of time to devour it. They get goosebumps! They laugh, they get emotional. They are genuinely blown away by the level of detail. We have secret questions that we ask them individually before we begin writing. These are revealed along with their answers in the manuscript and usually, this provokes happy tears. The Love Tales wedding storybook is full of surprises and our couples are 100% overjoyed.

*The drafts give couples an opportunity to check name spellings and all details before we go to print.


The prologue – This is a snapshot of the times, a bit of wedding history and a little introduction to our happy couple. It’s a glimpse of how the story will unfold.

Chapter 1 – The Love Story – how they met and fell in love. Family, friends, pets, dates, holidays, the proposal and some secrets.

Chapter 2 – The Wedding – written like a lifestyle feature in a magazine. The weather, the arrival, the ceremony (all the words), the vows, guest reactions, ambience – everything!

Chapter 3 – The Reception – The party unfolds, the speeches, menu, guest interviews (if possible), the shenanigans.

The Epilogue – The story wrapped up. What the future might hold and some secrets.

The Appendix – the guest list.


We can create a centrefold of selected professional photos. We do, however, feel it’s not necessary because it’s all about the story. It’s safe to say most couples will get a wedding photo-album so we think the Love Tales wedding storybook is the perfect accompaniment to the album. So far, none of our couples have decided to include photos and once they receive their book, they realise it’s perfect just the way it is.


Yes! We offer a professional vow writing service in collaboration with the couple. We put feelings into evocative words that have special meaning for the couple’s ceremony. We also create bespoke vow folders so that couples can keep a copy at hand, through good times and challenging times! These are a beautiful gift keepsake. We also sell these to parents of the couple or family members looking to gift something truly unique.


As our recent bride, Lauren said, “The details! It was so beautiful to read a story about us and envision the day again through the words. It was really witty. The story literally made us laugh out loud. It tells the story of us rather than just the day. The story starts before the wedding and talks a lot about us as a couple and our life which is really special. It’s such a beautiful thing to have for many years to come.”

Request an information pack and see examples of stories on the Love Tales website.

Hello Lovers

Daily Tales

Every day you’re in love
is a day to be treasured

Hello lovers,

I’m so happy to be writing today to introduce myself and our brand new concept, Love Tales.

My name is Kristie Hayden and I’m the founder of Love Tales, Australia’s first group of dedicated wedding-story writers. We write books about your journey to and down the aisle. And my word, we have fun while we’re at it!

To give you some background, my own journey to creating the business is dotted with a few personal moments. First and foremost, as a freelance writer specialising in lifestyle and travel features, content writing and advertising, I was hungry, no, craving, for an outlet to write juicier creative non-fiction. And there’s a good reason for that. I’m hardwired for it.

Way back in high school, my English teacher told me I had a disappointing tendency to become “embroiled in fantasy”, a trait I’ve always been proud of. As humans, we’re blessed with the ability to daydream, a skill no other being on earth has. We can do fantasy. We can play-act ideas in our minds. Fantasy rocks.

What has this got to do with your love story? Good writers have great fantasy lives. In short, your dedicated Love Tales’ writer will listen to your story and imagine what it was like for you two lovebirds when you were falling for each other. He or she will then transcribe those feelings into your story. More about that later.

Along the way to starting Love Tales, one of my freelance commitments was a wedding magazine, Living Bliss (Provincial Media, Victoria). During our third edition, I realised something is missing from many contemporary weddings. The story.

Brides-and-grooms-to-be and all the suppliers that jostle to make their weddings happen, are getting lost in their respective hazes; striving for perfection, sticking to budget, scrolling through Pinterest for something ‘different’. All necessary actions, mind. But who’s telling the love story and how are they preserving it for future generations?

In the very first interview we did for Love Tales, our loved-up fiancés sat at their kitchen table and divulged the story of their first date. There were details one had forgotten, and details the other was learning about for the first time. Their faces beamed with joy as they remembered the early days of their relationship and softened with tenderness when they spoke of the future. “We love this concept,” they gushed. “In the madness of organising the wedding, it’s great to stop and remember why we fell in love in the first place.”

Another major catalyst to taking the Love Tales leap came in the shape of my three inquisitive kids. My young family loves listening to tales about what the gent and I got up to in the early days, before our eyes sparkled with the prospect of children. And now, they’re part of our story.

In fact, in a public park on the Sunshine Coast, just outside our favourite restaurant, “our rock” sits at the river’s edge. It marks the place where we tied the knot in 2001. It is also the place our children now sit and dream of what it might have been like to marry there by the river on a perfect spring day.

So why not write the book? Why not put it all down, the whole kit and caboodle? Tell the story so it’s never forgotten and inspire dreams in future generations. That’s why I want to tell love tales. For the heirlooms they provide and the reminders that, no matter how tough things get, you can always go back and remind yourselves of your love journey, re-live those feelings and honour the commitment you made on your wedding day.

Now, the actual stories themselves, your love stories and how we go about writing them, is a big process for us at Love Tales. Yet for you, it’s easy. You simply tell us your story in a one-hour face-to-face interview and we do the rest. One writer then attends your wedding to view (not interact) and write the story of the day as an observer.

Click here for some example pages from previous stories or scroll down for excerpts.

For more information, please get in touch and start your journey towards a love tale you will treasure forever.

Until then, happy loving.


Kristie Hayden
Founder, Love Tales Australia.

Love Tales’ story excerpts

When the last guest is inside, the roller-door screeches closed, protesting on its weathered tracks and reminding all present of the historic building in which they stand.
The glow from dangling pendants casts a new romance over the room as the atmosphere brims with the anticipation of a gorgeous young bride.

The soothing voice of the wedding singer is offering a beautiful rendition of Van Morrison’s Crazy Love. He sings of eternal joy, of a loving smile opening heavens and hearts, of brightening days, of mellowing souls. Here comes the bride.
A modern beauty in that transfixing white gown, ever-smiling Melina clutches a bunch of long-stemmed burgundy roses in one hand, her father’s arm in the other. Jack’s eyes sparkle with pride as he greets onlookers and leads his treasured daughter to her groom.

The setting radiates romance and after a ride on the carousel and a long romantic walk through town and along the water’s edge, it was clear to both Trent and Krista that something very special was happening between them. They were moonstruck.
“We had our first kiss on the Ferris wheel,” says Krista. On a high and in a spin, even as she tells it now.