Meet the Team

We are storytellers.

In 2017, a group of Australian writers decided that true love stories are the most wonderful stories. Your stories. Love Tales’ writers are all widely published in many genres and they look forward to bringing your story to life. Together with Melbourne’s leading artisan book-binder, your love story is recorded in a book to keep forever.

Love Tales’ headquarters is in Melbourne. They also service most of Australia.


Founder, Kristie Hayden

Kristie is a widely published freelance journalist specialising in lifestyle, weddings, travel and profile writing. (“All the happy stuff,” she says.) Writing love and wedding stories merges all Kristie’s creative penchants; scene writing, profiling, dialogue and humour and wraps it all up in a big dose of fun. Read about Kristie’s journey to Love Tales here.

Writer, Ruth Letch

Captivated by people and the lives they lead, Ruth adores nothing more than being lost in the world of romance. Ruth is a sucker for affairs of the heart, an ardent devotee of all things romantic; she can’t wait to hear your story and create your own personal Love Tale. Combining a degree in English Literature with her own whirlwind of life and love, Ruth has written for magazines, blogs and community organisations as a freelance writer for over twenty years. Often referred to as Wonder Woman at home, this busy mum currently runs her own successful copywriting business, (when not flying her invisible jet), and is genuinely excited to join the Love Tales team. Struth, Ruth, it’s great to have you on board.

Writer, Danielle Norton

Proving you don’t have to be blonde to be part of the Love Tales team, we welcome Danielle. Danielle is a freelance journalist with a special interest in love stories and discovering exactly what it is that leads people to come together and share their lives. She has an Arts degree in Literature, Anthropology and Philosophy and has two decades of experience teaching secondary students how to write in many different forms. Danielle published her first book, Cooking With a Broken Heart, in 2016. Her writing is highly regarded across lifestyle and travel magazines in print and online.
A self-confessed ‘hopeless romantic’, Danielle looks forward to hearing, and writing about, your unique Love Tale.

Writer, Julietta Henderson

Julietta Henderson is a writer and editor with over 20 years’ experience spanning a diverse range of creative and technical writing. With an ability to get into the hearts and minds of her subjects, her empathy and attention to detail are the cornerstones of her professional life.
Julietta has recently completed her first novel and has also written copy for several large format photography books, published in Australia and the US. Her portfolio of feature work encompasses a diverse range of genres and subjects for clients all over the world.
As part of the Love Tales team, Julietta is thrilled to be able to exercise her most passionate role – that of storyteller. And there’s nothing better than a love story…