Frequently Asked Questions

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Can you help us write our wedding vows?

Of course! We’ll chat via phone or facetime to discern exactly what you want to say. We’ll then sprinkle some magic on your ideas to make your vows sound beautiful. This service is complimentary with every folder purchase. Alternatively, buy our writing magic* as a stand-alone purchase here . Unlimited edits apply.

*not real magic

Can you deboss our names on the cover?

Yes. And, no. Technically, physically, really … it can be done. However, the fabrics we so proudly use are too thickly woven to deboss and look good. So, we won’t do it. Our robust Italian linens are commercial grade interior fabrics that are designed to last generations. The deboss unit cannot penetrate the fabric effectively. Please see our gallery for some examples of our bespoke books. They look amazing on your coffee table. Hence, the selection of designer interior fabrics over traditional book fabrics.


How are the books designed and laid out?

We have hand selected Australian artist Beth-Emily (who currently lives in Peru!) to create the book end-papers. This beautiful floral is exclusive to Love Tales’ books. The book design is by Book Design Templates and we have selected a premium award-winning Romance Novel format. Think 50 Shades with cleaner content. Or not, it’s your story!

We lay out your story in sections and chapters.

First, a dedication page with an alluring pull-quote from one of our conversations with you. Next, the prologue which sets the tone and setting for your story.

Chapter one is your meeting-and-falling-in-love story. The proposal, the dates, the holidays. The naysayers and friends, hurdles and highs.

Chapter two is the wedding ceremony. What your writer sees, she writes about. What she hears, she writes about, what she smells, you guessed it, she writes about that too. The rustle of your dress, the fragrance of the blooms, the whispers of the page boys. The entire ceremony is also transcribed and put into your story.

Chapter three transcribes all the action from your party of all parties, from the moment you arrive to your reception until the formalities have ended. We set the scene with creative descriptions and a fun tone. Our writers turn roving reporters as the party kicks into gear. All speeches are recorded in this chapter also.

The epilogue rounds up the story. Here, we reveal secret quotes from secret conversations we’ve had with your loved one. You’ll just love what they say about their hopes and dreams of a life lived with none other than you!

The appendix, of course, outlines your guest list.

You will have the opportunity to approve your manuscript, with any necessary changes, before it goes to print.

Can we include photos, calligraphy or illustrations?

Yes, yes and yes. On request, we can add graphic pages to the front pages and centrefold. The extra cost depends on your individual needs and will be quoted at the time of booking.

How many writers will attend my wedding?

Honestly, unless you’re Kim and Kanye, one is enough. However, from time to time there is a need for more. This will be discussed at the time of booking.

Do you travel?

Have passports, will travel. Get in touch if you’d like to discuss your writing needs for a destination wedding.

Will you publish our story?

Ah, yes, but just one hard copy. Yours. And one e-copy. Sent to you.

Any excerpts used in our marketing is published either under pseudonym or not at all. This is your story. Your secret. Your Love Tale. Not for sharing!

But what if we’d like extra books?

Okay then. The base price for extra copies is $330.

Can you provide a keepsake box for our book and vow folder?

Oh, yes we can and my word they’re beautiful. As each book varies in size, boxes are made to order and vary in price. They’re artisan made by the same guy who creates the book. Crafted for you from scratch with well-practiced hands that were trained by the masters in France and the UK. Covered with linen matching your book. As a guide, they’ll cost around $380.

Can we pay in instalments?

Yes. Every client. Every time. So, you don’t suffer the embarrassment of asking. We know your credit card is getting more swipe and tap action than ever before. We ask for two installments. One on booking (to secure your date). The balance is payable four weeks prior to your wedding date. Ask for our full terms and conditions here .

How do we book?

Call or email here . We’ll send your booking form and an information pack via email or postie-bike, whichever you’d prefer.


Do you collaborate for product shoots, wedding expos and styled shoots?

Absolutely. Get in touch to discover how.