Love & Wedding Storybooks

Celebrate more than the day

We know your wedding day is special. The memories you create will last a lifetime. You’ll be able to reflect back on the photos and videos that captured the moments of that day.

Yet your journey together is about so much more than the big day. Celebrate and commemorate your entire love story with a painstakingly crafted Love Tales Storybook, your beautifully unique memento not just of the special day, but of the story that has led to it.

One of Love Tales’ team of professional writers will meet with you to discover the romance behind your first meeting, your courting, your falling-in-love, and of course attend and capture every cherished moment of your wedding day.

Your one-in-a-million Storybook is then bound in luxurious Italian linen and wrapped in hand-dyed silk – a gorgeous heirloom of your enduring love, and a gift to yourselves and your loved ones for eternity.

Ask one of the Love Tales team about capturing your unique love story here.

Praise for Love Tales’ storybooks.

What do you love about your story?
“The details! It was so beautiful to read a story about us and envision the day again through the words.”

What surprised you about your story?
“It was really funny and witty! The story literally made us laugh out loud.”

Why should a couple invest in a storybook?
“It so personal and different. The story is so sweet and such a beautiful thing to have for many years to come. You can totally imagine grandchildren reading it!”

What does the storybook do better than other wedding memorabilia?
“It tells the story of us rather than just the day. The story starts before the wedding and talked a lot about us as a couple and our life which is really special.”

What could we do better?
“Honestly we thought it was perfect!”

See example excerpts from Love Tales Storybooks here.

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